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Nail Care and Foot Treatments

Nail Care at Total Body Care

At the Total Body Care Clinics we offer advanced nail care and foot treatments, from manicures and pedicures through to the removal of veruccas and warts. We also are one of Europe’s leading facilities for the treatment of toenail fungus using specialised ND:YAG lasers. Further information about our Nail Fungus treatments can be found here.

With each treatment, our expert Physicians and Therapists can also provide you with guidance and advice for nail maintenance and post treatment care and steps the you might need to take to keep your nails and feet healthy.

The current treatments we offer include:


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If you would like futher information about our treatments and packages, please contact our team on 020 3092 2766 or email: [email protected].

Nail Treatments

Biosculpture Nails at Total Body Care

Bio sculpture offers a nourishing treatment which will protect and enhance your natural nails.

Treatments are performed by our Aesthetic Therapists.


Manicure: Soak, scrub, cuticle cut, shape, buff, massage & paint £27
Manicure with gel £37
Express manicure: Buff, file & paint £27
Express manicure with gel £32
Soak off £14
Soak off existing products from another salon £17
Callus/hard skin terminator £17
Paraffin foot/hand dip £17



Verucca and Wart treatments

Using the same laser as we use to treat fungal nail infections, at Total Body Care we can also effectively treat and remove verrucas and warts.

Verrucas and warts can be uncomfortable and those who suffer can feel self-conscious about their appearance. Caused by the human papillomavirus, warts and verrucas are contagious by touch transfer, and so can be easy to pick up, but not so easy to get rid of.

At Total Body Care we can safely and effectively remove using the Fotana 1064nm laser. Verrucas and warts do eventually go away by themselves, but this can take a number of years with re-infection being common, and so the safest and most practical solution is to have them removed.

How Does Verruca & Wart Treatment Work?

Using the 1064 laser at Total Body Care we can provide the most successful method of treatment for verrucas and warts. The laser works by using deep pulse profile heating of the affected area, working to destroy the cells by targeting the blood supply to the verruca or wart, as well as also destroying the virus that causes the problem.

The Results

Using the Fotana 1064 laser to treat verrucas and warts, we can safely remove the problem, whilst still leaving the surrounding tissue safely intact, returning the skin back to its normal healthy state.

After the Treatment

If you are having a verruca removed, bring a fresh pair of socks with you to change into after the treatment, it’s important to wear clean socks now the verruca has been removed.


Prices start from £105.  Exact prices to be confirmed during your consultation.