Dermal and Lip Fillers


Total Body Care provides specialist skin treatments to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, sunken lines and signs of ageing. We can tailor a treatment plan based on your skin and the results you are looking for.



The treatments we provide have resulted in significant improvements to skin appearance and texture, resulting in more youthful looking skin – as seen in the following examples:

Botox and Cosmetic Injections at Total Body Care


Dermal Fillers


At Total Body Care we offer dermal fillers to treat and improve the appearance of both fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking plumper, smoother and younger. Dermal fillers offer a great alternative to invasive surgery, delivering great results and boosting confidence. This treatment can also be combined with Platelet Skin Regeneration therapy and anti-wrinkle therapy for targeted results.

As we age, deterioration of the skin is inevitable, but in some people this happens prematurely. Often this is largely due to lifestyle choices, such as smoking, diet and sun exposure. The skin naturally loses collagen as we become older, causing natural lines and wrinkles to deepen as well as volume loss to the skin, which can result in a sunken look.

Dermal fillers can be used to reduce the signs of ageing, leaving you feeling more confident and comfortable with the appearance of your skin.

We are also a leading provider of lip fillers and lip augmentation. Lip fillers are the perfect way to enhance your smile and can add volume to lips, restore your lips to a more youthful plump look, or create asymmetric lips. The Total Body Care clinic can enhance your smile in a matter of moments. Our non-surgical dermal filler procedure is performed by one of the UK's most experienced Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Fayaz Hasham. His expertise can help transform your smile to achieve fuller, better defined and potentially more beautiful lips.




  Number of sessions Current Offer Price
Consultation 1 No Fee
Dermal Fillers – 1 syringe As prescribed £278
Dermal Fillers – 2 syringes As prescribed £498
Dermal Fillers- 3 syringes As prescribed £599
Dermal Fillers – Lips As prescribed £303
Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping Fillers) As prescribed £498
Tear Troughs As prescribed £450
Cheeks As prescribed £453
Undefined Jaw As prescribed £400
Marionette lines As prescribed £300
Laughter lines As prescribed £300
Sagging corners As prescribed £200
8 Point Face Lift As prescribed from £895



You will be seen by Dr Fayaz Hasham, the Total Bod Care Lead Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr Fayaz performs all our dermal fillers consultations and treatments.
Dr Fayaz Hasham at Total Body Care

Dr Fayaz Hasham (MD MRCGP GPhC MSc BPharm HONS)

Dr Fayaz Hasham is the Total Body Care Medical and Aesthetics Director and oversees the treatments we provide. Dr Hasham is one of the UK's leading specialists in cosmetic procedures and has performed thousands of treatments in the UK and internationally. He has trained in the UK and holds a degree in Medicine and a degree in Pharmacy. In addition to his expertise in skincare, aesthetics medicine and pharmaceutical practice, he has worked extensively in Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Emergency Medicine and has specialist interests in Dermatology and ENT.

He has a longstanding interest in aesthetics and laser cosmetology and all procedures are performed either by himself or under his guidance.


Below are a selection of recent testimonials:



I found the clinic setting very clean and professional and the staff put me at my ease straight away . Everything was explained to me about my procedure and dr hasham was very open to any questions and queries . The procedure itself was done in an efficient and professional manner with fantastic results . I would whole heartedly recommend total body care for their personable approach and high standard of care . I'll be back !

Laura | 5 Stars

5 star rating - Total Body Care

Had lip filler and Platelet Skin regeneration therapy done here by Dr Fayaz. He was very professional. I absolutely love the final results of both my Lips and P-R-P treatment. I will definitely be back and have been telling my friends and family about this little hidden gem in Clapham.

Rebecca| 5 Stars

5 star rating - Total Body Care

Dr Hasham is a fanatstic cosmetic doctor! The procedure was quick and he spent a good amount of time advising me about my options and what to do after the treatment. I would highly recommend him!

Roberto | 5 Stars

5 star rating - Total Body Care

Had an amazing treament wiht the Doctor and so happy with the outcome. I recommend anyone to go here! Thank you

Marina | 5 Stars

5 star rating - Total Body Care

I felt very relaxed throughout. I had dermal fillers followed by P-R-P (platelet skin regeneration) treatment and laser treatment on my cheeks, lips and smile lines. The results are incredible, the only downside is I probably need a top up in year's time. Well worth it and the team are really professional

Mira| 5 Stars

5 star rating - Total Body Care


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