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Travel Health - Vaccine Schedules

Travel Vaccines at Total Body Care

Don’t travel abroad without ensuring you have had the right vaccines.

At Total Body Care our experienced team of doctors and pharmacists are trained to provide the latest information directly tailored to your specific travel needs.

Standard Travel Vaccine Recommendations

Our recommended vaccines for the most common travel destinations outside of Europe includes Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (DTP) vaccines. For travellers who are visiting the developing world on a regular basis or for prolonged periods of time, we would recommend considering hepatitis B vaccine.

Cholera is worth considering for travellers visiting rural areas of developing countries. The vaccine against cholera (Dukoral) also reduces the risk of the most common form of traveller’s diarrhoea caused by E coli. Dukoral is an oral vaccine given in two doses one week apart.  

Disease Name of Travel Vaccine Schedule Booster
Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio Vaccine REVAXIS Single dose if vaccinated as a child. If never vaccinated 0,1 and 2 months 10 years
Hepatitis A Vaccine AVAXIM 1 DOSE 2nd dose 6-12 months later will give 20 years immunity
Typhoid vaccine TYPHIM Vi Single dose 3 years
Yellow Fever Vaccine STAMARIL Single dose Life long Certificate 10 years
Hepatitis B vaccine ENERGIX B 0,7,21 days and 12 months 0,1,2, 12 months, 0,1, 6 months Single booster 5 years after primary immunization may be required for those at high risk or occupational risk
Rabies Vaccine RABIES BP/ RABIPUR/ VERORAB 0,7, 21/28 days 10 years
Cholera vaccine DUKORAL 2 doses at 0 and 1-6 weeks 2 years
Meningitis ACWY Vaccine ACWY VAX 1 dose Unknown (3 years Hajj)
Japanese Encephalitis vaccine IXIARO 0, 28 days 2 years
Hepatitis A/B Combined Travel vaccine TWINRIX 0,1,6 months 0,7,21 days and 12 months Booster of Hepatitis B 5 years if at high risk. Booster Hepatitis A at 6-12months lasts 20 years
Typhoid/ Hepatitis A vaccine VIATIM Single dose Booster of Hepatitis A 6-12 months Typhoid 3 years