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Salus Floradix

Floradix provides health, wellbeing & vitality to you and your family through their high quality health food supplements. 

Floradix products work to tackle issues such as fatigue, through their Floradix Iron products as well as supporting the normal function of the immune system and normal muscle, nerve and psychological functions and cognitive development through their tailored products

Using the highest quality, best available ingredients, Floradix produces liquid vitamin and mineral supplements, tablets, herbal teas and fresh plant juices.

About Floradix

Salus Floradix has been manufacturing health supplements for over a century. Their wealth of knowledge in the industry has made them the first choice for iron and other vitamin & mineral supplements around the world for many companies and consumers. Floradix produces their raw ingredients worldwide, in many eco-projects, as the company opts for a sustainable approach which helps to nurture the planet at the same time.  

Floradix products at Total Body Care

Floradix Iron

If you’re feeling tired every day, a simple problem could be a lack of iron. Iron can help with the reduction of fatigue and everyday tiredness by helping the production of red blood cells which transport oxygen throughout the body. Floradix Iron supplements iron into the body, in turn reducing fatigue as well as contributing to a normal immune system. 

Discover floradix iron tablets and floradix liquid iron. Floradix liquid iron allows for high absorption of the vital nutrients, but is easy on the digestive system. Floradix iron tablets are easy for on the go consumption.

Floradix magnesium

Magnesium is another highly beneficial mineral, which works to support normal muscle functioning including the heart. Magnesium is essential for vital functions in the body, which can be found in foods but we often need a supplement to ensure the running of normal psychological functions and nerve functions, especially if we have been undergoing a lot of stress. 

Explore Floradix magnesium at Total Body Care.

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