If ever you find your nails becoming thick or discoloured, develop yellow streaks or white spots, crumbling or ragged edges, the nail becoming separated from the nail bed or debris collecting on your nails, immediately seek help. These are all classic signs of nail fungus.

The present treatments available for these kinds of nail infections include oral drugs, topical drugs and laser treatment.

Oral drugs often include antibiotics in order to eliminate fungus in the nails and restore clarity of colour and condition. The duration of the course, during which the drugs should be taken, ranges from about six to twelve weeks. However doctors are often prescribing them for longer periods knowing that twelve weeks is often not enough to have the desired effect. Due to the potency of the medication, side effects may include diarrhea, bad stomach and head ache. If a stronger dose of oral drugs are given, some more serious side effects may include heart failure or liver damage. For this reason, it is highly advisable to conduct weekly blood tests to monitor the condition of the major organs. Patients in poor health are advised not to take these drugs and discuss other possible, safer remedies.

The effectiveness of topical drugs as a treatment for nail fungus is an alternative. The course of treatment often takes longer than oral medication and the prescribed drugs should be externally applied on the nails for approximately twelve months. However success rates for complete clearance of the nail fungus are very low and many people have complained about their ineffectiveness. This is largely because the nail infection has colonised the area under the nail plate which the drug cannot externally reach. However, these drugs do not have any significant side effects so are safer and more suitable for a broader range of people.

Laser nail treatment is very effective in fighting the fungus and returning your nails to a clear condition. With this treatment, patients have an 88% success rate of complete clearance of the nail fungus if administered correctly. While the treatment is taking place, patients often experience a warm feeling in their fingers or toes. The laser treatment procedure is simple and quick and has no side effects. If would like us discuss what options might work best for you - including laser treatment - then please request a Consultation using the button below: