Shirin – the Semi-Permanent Makeup Technician for Total Body Care – answers some commonly asked questions about this emerging and exciting new cosmetic technique.

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

SPMU has grown in popularity over the last 5 years, but some people are still unfamiliar with the practice. SPMU is a cosmetic technique that uses tattooing with semi-permanent pigments to enhance the eyebrows, eyes, lips and more by resembling makeup. Immediately after treatment results will appear 60% darker and 20% larger than healed results due to swelling, but after about a week healed results will appear a lot more natural looking.

Am I suitable for Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Most people are suitable for semi-permanent makeup. Before any procedure is carried out a patch test must be completed a minimum of 24 hrs beforehand. This is a necessary precaution, however no client has ever had an allergic reaction to the brand of pigments Shirin uses.

Why have Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Look 10 years younger instantly! Think how convenient it would be to look your very best ALL THE TIME! Save time and escape your daily makeup routine, enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows, defined eyes and fuller looking contoured lips.

All subtly enhancing your own features with no smudging or running: NEVER HAVE A BAD MAKEUP DAY AGAIN!

How long does Semi-Permanent Makeup Last?

Semi- Permanent Makeup can last for several years, but this depends on several factors including sun exposure, skin type, lifestyle and overall health. It is designed to be low-maintenance, and if looked after will need refreshing far less often. Shirin recommends a top-up treatment every twelve to eighteen months to maintain perfect results.

Does Semi-Permanent Makeup hurt?

The procedure is made as comfortable as possible – Shirin uses top of the range anesthetic creams from the U.S. which minimize any discomfort. She has had clients fall asleep during procedures, and has even tattooed her own eyebrows on – the pain is nowhere near as bad as a real tattoo.

Is Semi-Permanent Makeup Expensive?

Compared with many other more invasive cosmetic enhancements, like botox or dermal fillers which require constant costly maintenance, semi-permanent makeup is actually a low cost option in comparison. However, in the cosmetic industry you inevitably get what you pay for, so quality of service rather than price alone should guide your decision when considering a cosmetic procedure.

Shirin is a London-based Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) Technician who specialises in eyebrow, eyeliner and lip enhancement. Having qualified from the multi-award winning Permanent Makeup Training Academy, she prides herself in specialising purely in semi-permanent makeup (sometimes also known as permanent makeup, micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing).

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